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Company’s Milestones

2011 - establishing of the company; the decision was made to change the basic activities, namely the introduction of services with the use of coiled tubing in Russia;

2011 - the first fleet of coiled tubing launched, the works on the fields were done;

2012 - launched 5 additional CT fleets;

2013 - launched 2 fracturing fleet;

2013 - the head office moved to Moscow and opened Nefteyugansk branch with the base production maintenance in Pyt-Yah;

2014 - Geert Prins was assigned as a General Director;

2015 - Surgut branch opened, production support base relocated from Pyt-Yah to  Surgut;

2015 - the course to the implementation of pilot scale, high-tech, innovative work with the use of advanced technologies.