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Coiled Tubing Boat to Platform spooling is a perfect alternative to overcome offshore crane limitations and CT butt-welding exercises this in order to  minimize additional Coiled Tubing fatigue exposure and CT life usage, where:

  • A length of coiled tubing pipe, long enough to reach the TD of the well required for the operation cannot be lifted onboard a platform from the supply vessel.
  • Available deck space is not large enough to place 2 reels for spooling opposite each other.
  • Welding is not an option due to derogation of the Coiled Tubing string usage life and strength calculations.
  • 2 or more lengths of Coiled Tubing strings are still not within the crane limitations and multiple welds are necessary to achieve the desired operational length.
  • Specialty operations such as stiff-wireline which cannot be prepared on the platform were and QHSE timing is a constraint.

Technical details

Coiled Tubing Reels, Drive units and Emergency barriers are required to spool the Coiled Tubing string from the supply vessel to the platform or vice versa.

1. Coiled Tubing drive unit Reel and Injector are positioned central on the vessel loading-deck of which a horizontal frame is positioned in front of the reel to hold the Coiled Tubing Injector and BOP. Whereas:

  • The Injector is used to extract and feed the Coiled Tubing string from the reel.
  • The BOP is used as a Safety device to hold the Coil by its Slips or to shear the Coil in case of emergency whereas the vessel is required to leave the platform operating zone.

2. Coiled Tubing drive-unit, Reel and injector which is located to the edge of the main operating deck of the platform. Whereas:

  • A support frame on a 45 degree angle is to support the injector in order to receive or feed the Coiled Tubing string.
  • The Injector holding the string under tension while spooling it from the boat to platform or vice versa.