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Pump Truck Details

  • Mercedes Actros V8 diesel engine with 550 BHP & Allison gear box.
  • The truck is built on a 6x6 rigid chassis for easy access in remote areas.
  • The truck is purpose built for operating in extreme environments such as desert & cold areas (-400C & 500C).
  • Unit has a trailer attached mobile 2 x 15 M3 storage tank which can remain on the trailer during operations.
  • Storage tank has mixing and fill lines incorporated and is approved for storing corrosive fluids on location.

Fluid Pump

  • Unit is built with an API spec SPM TWS 600 pump.
  • The truck engine gear- box drives The Pump fluid-end via the PTO.
  • The Fluid-end is set-up with 3 1/2“plungers capable of pumping 1500 lt/min @ 100 bar.
  • The max. allowable operating pressure is of 700 bar.
  • The unit is equipped with 2 sets of Mission Centrifugal Pumps to boost the fluid-end and filling the mixing tank.
  • The 2 x 3M3 Mixtank is equipped with electronic level controls and paddle for mixing brines & fluids.
  • The trailer mounted 2 compartment storetank is able to carry 30M3 of fluids and is self supported.
  • The pump is completed with 30 mtr 2” weco 1502 Treating iron & low pressure equipment.