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82M3 Tank description

  • The storage tank can be used to hold large quantities of fluid for well operations or longer temporary storage periods.
  • The tank is coated with a Hydrocarbon resistant product


  • Easy to move without assistance of a crane to lift it.
  • Compact design, can be moved with a single axle tractor
  • On small locations where maneuverability is impossible, complete tank can be lifted by a crane in placed at a specific area.


  • Hydraulic landing gear powered by a electric/ hydraulic system.
  • Easy and safe access to the back of the tanks access hatches.
  • V-shaped bottom for improved drainage efficiency.
  • 4” Weco 206 connections.
  • Storage capacity for x-overs provided on tank.
  • Filling/ mixing lines with spray divider provided with 2 connections in the front and 2 connections in the back of the tank.
  • Approved for road transport throughout Europe. 
  • Hydrostatic tests incl. TUV certification after construction.