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Conference OFFSHORE OIL AND GAS-2015 "Contracts at offshore"

In December 2015 the conference “Offshore oil and gas” took place on topic: Contracts at oil and gas offshore"

At the conference NEFTEGAZSHELF 2015 Russian companies with oil and gas companies are considering the possibility of their participation in the development of oil and gas offshore, establishing business contacts, and outline ways of further cooperation. Oil and gas companies have told about experience of working with contractors for offshore projects. After sanctions from the US and the EU in respect of equipment and technology for offshore, on the issue of reorientation of Russian suppliers acquired special importance. Oil and gas offshore projects are interesting to manufacturers of very different types of equipment - from drilling equipment to helicopters.


LLC "EWS" in the face of the Technical Sales Manager of the Department of Business Development - Bairamov Alexei Valerievich made a presentation on the topic: "Technology of CT at offshore", where he told about his experience of work in Sakhalin, which equipment was used, which technologies were used and how it was possible to transport a number of heavy-handed equipment. We are happt that our company has the experience of work in the oil and gas offshore areas, which will certainly be useful for our future projects.

OFFSHORE OIL AND GAS-2015 "Contracts at offshore"

OFFSHORE OIL AND GAS-2015 "Contracts at offshore"