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Real time data is transmitted continuously to perform all thinkable CT or CT logging operations.

The system utilizes:

  • Warrior logging system.
  • Coiled Tubing with a preinstalled IntelleCT Cable.
  • IntelleCT Bottom Hole Assembly

Warrior Acquisition and Presentation System

  • Providing DH tool power.
  • High speed thermal log printer.
  • Intergrated with the CT data acquisition system, making DH and all surface data available in both systems for real-time and post job analysis.
  • Compatible with most logging services available on the market.
  • Supports various external data formats as LIS, LAS, ODBC and ASCII.

CT works with IntelleCT

  • Perforation
  • Well Clean-out
  • Milling/Drilling
  • Acid Treatment of Bottom hole zone 
  • Plug and Packer Installation