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CT Engineer



  • Participate in development of operation program;
  • Provide preparation for work orders;
  • Provide availability and proper filling of all relevant documentation;
  • Responsible for the accuracy of service reports;
  • Monitor the implementation of contract articles by all participants of the production process;
  • Prepare detailed regulations for implementation of technical operations;
  • Provide recommendations for the design of the well and carried works on it;
  • Supervise the signing of the work plan by customers and informing the operation manager about the controversial situations;
  • Act according to technological regimes at all stages of the production process, instructions and methodology for technical control of workplaces, technical equipment and means of transport.


  • University degree in technical education;
  • Experience working in an international oilfield services company (CT services no less than 3 years);
  • Extensive background regarding CT: milling, perforation, fishing operations, acid treatment, cementing;
  • English intermediate level;
  • Knowledge of software Cerberus and\or similar software;
  • Multi stage frac assembly knowledge.


  • High salary, discussed with candidate;
  • Work schedule: rotation 30х30;
  • Paid transportation to work and back;
  • Food compensation;
  • Work place Surgut, Industrialnya street.
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